Pamper Your Locks with CHI Silk Infusion

Published: 18th November 2011
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Your hair is your pride and joy. Nothing makes you happier than seeing those locks shining with health and vitality as your run your comb through it before you head off to work or out for a night on the town. But you want strong hair, as well. After all, strong and healthy hair is beautiful hair. So why not pamper, nourish and protect your crowning glory at the same time with CHI Silk Infusion?

CHI Silk Infusion is a leave-in hair treatment that is formulated specifically to strengthen hair from the outside in, nourishing and softening each strand well beyond the abilities of other hair care products. Enriched with a pure silk reconstructing complex plus wheat and soy proteins, CHI Silk Infusion is alcohol free and ph-balanced, so you know that you can trust it with your beautiful hair.

It’s simple to use, too. Simply wash your hair as you normally do, even conditioning it if you like. Then rinse and towel dry your hair and comb out the tangles. Next, apply the Chi Silk Infusion. Put an amount of the product equal to the size of a nickel into the palm of your hand—a little more if your hair is long—then apply it to your damp hair. Work it through from the roots to the ends, applying it evenly. You might even want to use your comb to more evenly distribute the product along each strand.

That’s all there is to it. Chi Silk Infusion does the rest of the work. Just leave the Chi Silk Infusion in your hair, allowing it to work its pampering magic on your locks as you continue to style it as usual. In fact, applying ceramic heat to your silk-infused hair will allow the product’s silk complex and wheat and soy proteins to penetrate deeply into each shaft of your hair. The nutrients will soak right in, helping your hair grow stronger, softer and shinier.

Continue to style your hair as usual. Never fear that using heating products such as curling irons, straightening rods or hair dryers will damage your hair when you use Chi Silk Infusion. This specially blended formula is designed to provide protection even as it uses the heat from hair care appliances to do its thing even faster, whether you use the product every day or once a week. In fact, Chi Silk Infusion is safe to use on your hair, no matter how often you use it. And you won’t have to worry about any dulling build up, because it washes away easily with your favorite shampoo. It’s also non-greasy and the fragrance is fresh and light.

And if you like to get perms, straighten or color your hair, you’ll find that using Chi Silk Infusion protects your hair from damaging chemicals, too. While chemicals and heat can damage hair down to its inner structure, Chi Silk Infusion acts as a block against their detrimental effects. The product first uses its wheat and soy proteins to repair that inner structure and moisturize your hair. Then, because you leave it in, it protects your hair against the harsh elements that come from those chemicals or appliances.

You’ll be thrilled with the results you get from using Chi Silk Infusion. No more frizziness or bad hair days for you. No more dull locks or lackluster strands, either. You’ll find that your hair is easier to control. Styling will be a breeze, and you’ll love working with your hair more than ever before.

Whether your hair is thick and wavy or short and straight, you’ll love using Chi Silk Infusion. Permed, highlighted or color-treated hair will benefit greatly from the nourishing application of this fabulous product.

In fact, you’ll so quickly come to love this beneficial leave-in hair care product that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Your hair will grow stronger and softer with each use, as Chi Silk Infusion repairs damage deep inside each strand of hair. It will protect your hair from any further damage that might occur from your use of heating tools. The moisture levels within each strand will also increase. Silky soft and manageable, it will be as if your hair has taken some kind of youth potion. It will look flawless, and you’ll almost be embarrassed by all the compliments you’ll get. Everyone will want to know the secret that allows you to display such lustrous, healthy locks.

But accept those compliments with a smile and share your secret. All your friends will appreciate knowing about Chi Silk Infusion. And with you as the product example, they’ll think that you’re a hair care expert. And once they’ve used Chi Silk Infusion, they’ll thank you again and again for helping them to achieve the same great results.

Andrea Mills is a freelance writer who writes about beauty and fashion products such as CHI Silk Infusion.

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